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Part of the owning family of NTP Holdings, centred around one of Japan's largest car markets. After graduating DOSHISHA University, entered the company as a dealer and rose to become president. Serves on the Nagoya Board of Education. Set a record of 180 cars sold in one year, continuous winner of the Toyota Sales Prize for Excellence. From 1999 to 2000, studied at the American NADA Academy (National Automobile Dealers Association). Was the first Japanese national to boast enough grit and chrasima to complete both programmes.

Professional tenor debut at the 10th anniversary party of a major business founding, held at the Osaka Teikoku Hotel in October 2013. Presented performance name "sekai" in August of the same year and performed a solo for 1500 attendees at the Nagoya International Conference Centre. Stay tuned for many more performances!

Publishing of Ogurhythm in January 2013. The culmination of experience as a CEO and drawing on a long held belief of 'making the most of your youth', Ogurhythm puts into writing the contents of 'Personal Power' seminars held by Mr Oguri from 2010 onwards. A bestseller in Japanese, the English edition continued the trend and topped charts in New York and Singpore, to rave reviews. In May 2016, the long awaited 3rd book "Katayaburi ni ikiru" was published worldwide. Lauded as a job hunting bible in all major bookstores.

Appointed "Sake samurai" at world heritage Shimogamo Shrine in Kyoto. Responsible for promoting Japan's allure through events such as the "Cool Japan Kokushu no kai" From 2014, focused on improving Japanese PR with "Kokushu no kai" events, inviting business and cultural leaders.

Even as he worked toward becoming company president, Shigeo Oguri always dreamed of providing human resource education—learning together to cultivate valuable company workers—for young employees. As a first step toward this goal, he established in-house "Personal Abilities Seminars" in 2010 and volunteered to be the instructor, after which he began enthusiastically holding lectures and seminars outside the company as well. Oguri also engages in activities to foster greater globalization among today's youth as a member of the Nagoya City Board of Education, and every year as a specially appointed instructor for Miss Universe Japan he offers his support in the form of his personal OGURHYTHM philosophy for the ambitious women participating as representatives for each prefecture across Japan.